project cargoProject cargo service deals with special cargo that is outsized, heavy, composed of complex components and requires special customized procedures like disassembling and  re-assembling.
Austromar provides
customized door to door service which main features are:

  • individual project cargo strategy planning (costs analysis, optimal routes, safest, most efficient method of transport)
  • special equipment transport (flat racks, open tops, platforms, artificial tween deck solution)
  • project management
  • customs clearance, trade documentation
Austromar has proven experience in project cargo services for broad array of industries:
mining facilities, power generation plants, petrochemical and oil refineries and steel mill construction.


Heavy Cargo is defined as items of weights and/or dimensions exceeding limits.
Heavy/outsized cargo will normally demand certain special arrangements to be made with regard to ground equipment, loading/unloading procedures and ground stops. Transportation of heavy/outsized cargo often involves special loading arrangements, space for such shipments shall always be requested in advance.

Austromar provide all necessary services for transportation of virtually any heavy/outsized cargo, proven by our experience.


Fragile cargo are items which may easily be damaged, if exposed to jolting, dropping, bumping or rough handling during transportation. Typical fragile commodities are antiques, works of art, chinaware, glassware, earthenware, cast-iron articles, TV and radio tubes, sculptures, etc.

There are 4 types of fragile cargo :

  1. Solid items i.e. glassware, chinaware, TV tubes
  2. Solid items containing normal liquids i.e. bottles of shampoo
  3. Solid items containing dangerous liquids i.e. bottles of alcohol, paints, perfumes
  4. Bulky and easily damaged aircraft components i.e. flaps, ailerons and elevators.

Fragile cargo shall be accepted only if securely packed in containers made of solid material such as wooden cases, preferably new ones. If the container is breakable, e.g. glass, it should be surrounded by enough absorbent material to absorb any liquid in the container, should it be broken. Make sure that each package is marked with the 'Fragile' and 'This Side Up' labels. If any special handling and/or stowing is required, this must be indicated on the package as well as on the air waybill.